Russell M.

I started archery in 2016 after a medical emergency revealed I had a heart condition. Archery was suggested as one of the ways to stay active that would be good for my heart. I initially started in recurve and transitioned to compound which is the bow type I still shoot. In everyday life, I am a software engineer and when I am not working I spend time behind the bow.

Some accolades to my name so far:

  • The Arnold Classic 2022 – Gold Medal.
  • Marks Park Champs 2022 – Bronze Medal.
  • SA Nationals – Team Match 2018 (Zimbabwe V South Africa) – Silver Medal.
  • Gauteng Champs 2018 – Bronze Medal.
  • Zimbabwe Nationals 2017 – Bronze Medal.

I practice 3 times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays averaging at least seven and a half hours weekly. I am a strong believer in training hard and smart and not just shooting arrows and hoping things come together.

Compound archery is not recognized in the Olympics yet but I am working hard to win Zimbabwe nationals by 2023, followed by SA nationals, and then compete and win in the World Championship circuit. It’s a lot I know but I need a dream that’s impossible to achieve so that I can focus and achieve the impossible.